Friday, June 25, 2010

DUNG!! =)

Having pigs definitely has its upsides-- for instance, I can use the dung to my advantage against all foes!!

Sadly, I don't have serfs or anything to order around in the disposal of mine enemy.

It's a nice story though! I can just picture it--

The place: my illustrious...uhhh, pig plantation?

The time: whenever there were serfs. ;)

The event: the destruction of all those who attempt to defy my glorious and honorable self.

Weapons of choice: PIG DUNG & Shakespeare's grand'n'glorious words of insulting tendencies.

Great potentate:" Throw this slave upon the dunghill!"


Oh, the dreams of a teen who loves insults.



Caitilin said...

Serfs, my dear! Serfs! Surf can be found on most beaches... :)

Rachelbugalita said...

:( Shame. So much shame. Thanks for fixing it!!!